An Authentic Pintxos Tour in Bilbao

An Authentic Pintxos Tour in Bilbao

Pintxos bars are part of our tradition. You´d be surprised at how Basque bars display pintxos on their counters, miniature delicacies that go with great wines, and the lovely atmosphere in them. We´ll show you the proper pintxos etiquette and how to enjoy like a local these wonderful places.


  • Enjoy the great atmosphere of Bilbao bars, so friendly and so different from those in other countries.
  • Learn the way to have pintxos (the Basque “tapas”, so attractive and tasty) and the different drinks that go with them
  • Combine a historical visit to the Old Town of Bilbao together with the local custom of having pintxos and drinks as our way of socializing.

What’s included

  • Guided pedestrian 3 or 4 hour Pintxos Tour in Bilbao, tasting several pintxos and several types of drinks (different types of wine, “zuritos”, natural cider…your choice!!)
  • Visit of the most interesting historical landmarks in the Old Town and other parts of Bilbao
  • Vegetarian pintxos and non-alcoholic drinks are widely available.

Not included

  • Cost of pintxos and drinks.

Difficulty level

  • Easy
Arriaga Theatre. Bilbao.
Arriaga Theatre. Bilbao.